Wedothatstuff x Arnaud De Harven x Kevin Frot

This exhibition is composed of a photographic installation of 5 head-height boxes, each surrounding the viewer.

Once inside this unusual environment, the viewer gets to fully experience the powerful images and the message behind them in a unique way.

This thought-provoking installation is an invitation to an intimate view inside family homes before their forced relocation. For a realestate project, those family were pushed to destroy their own house and sell the rubble to get a bit of money before leaving the neighbourhood.

The box installation relays the strong emotions and memories created when life forces us to build a new life somewhere new and unfamiliar.

With Departure, comes the time to pack up and leave a chapter of our lives behind, consisting of so many memories and feelings. One can only wonder how such tightly packed and fragile boxes can contain an entire life.

Departure aims to engrave fleeting emotions and feelings contained in the rooms that make up our Homes.

Our Bedroom

our pharmacist

our shelter